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The Healthy Community Map of Northern Nevada (HCM) is a collaborative project between the Community Health Alliance (a combination of HAWC and the former Saint Mary's Outreach Programs), University of Nevada Reno, and the University of Nevada School of Medicine. This website houses current data on population health status and health care utilization at the zip code level in Washoe County. The HCM website also provides information and resources for individuals and organizations working to improve the health and well-being of residents living in Washoe County, including a Community Health Needs Assessment undertaken by Researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada School of Medicine. The Healthy Community Map of Northern Nevada was developed by the HCM Project Team with the input of a broad-based community advisory board and through the generous support of Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno.

Project Background

The Healthy Community Map of Northern Nevada was created in order to make health data readily accessible to the residents of the region and to improve health planning throughout the community. The project is a response to a growing need for sub-county data to identify and solve community health problems in northern Nevada. Unfortunately, most health data is typically reported and available at the national, state, and county levels. This type of data facilitates comparisons, yet is not specific enough for communities, such as Washoe County, with a large and increasingly diverse population covering a large geographical area

For example, Washoe County’s cancer mortality rate is 203.4 per 100,000 residents versus 173.3 for Nevada. County level data does not tell us which sub-populations within our community or which specific geographic areas of Washoe County have higher cancer rates than others. These data limitations make the development and implementation of targeted health care and public health interventions to prevent cancer more difficult. They also compound our ability to address well-established health disparities and thus prioritize subpopulations at greater risk for developing cancer in our community. The Healthy Community Map of Northern Nevada aims to remedy this situation.

The Healthy Community Map provides current zip-code level data within Washoe County on key indicators of population health status, hospital utilization, and child health and well-being. Future versions of the map will include zip-code data on emergency department utilization, communicable disease rates, and social determinants of health. The HCM Project Team invites input on the development of indicators and data that make the most sense for the residents of Washoe County and the health of our community!


Technical notes and data sources:
Year 2008-2010 average data were used for all calculated health indicators; Original vital statistics data collected by the Nevada State Health Division; Original hospital admissions collected by the Center For Health Data Analysis, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Population and demographic data were based on US Census Bureau 2010 Census; Community Needs Index was developed by Dignity Health and Thomson-Reuters; If the cases are less than 5 for a single year at a community (zip code), the data will be indicated as "N/A".


The Healthy Community Map of Northern Nevada project is a collaboration between the Community Health Alliance, University of Nevada, Reno, and the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Community Health Alliance of the Health Access Washoe County (HAWC) Clinic

Community Health Alliance is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center (FQHC) that provides primary medical/dental care and health improvement services in Washoe County. Community Health Alliance is a combination of the Health Access Washoe County (HAWC) and former Saint Mary’s Outreach programs. Community Health Alliance operates five primary medical/dental care clinics targeting the underserved in Washoe and Storey Counties, four mobile medical and dental facilities that provide neighborhood based services, WIC services, Northern Nevada Dental Health Program, and acts as the fiscal agent for the Immunize Nevada and the Nevada Comprehensive Cancer Coalition.

Participating Healthy Community Map Project Staff:

  • Michael Johnson
    Chief Operating Officer, Community Health Alliance
    (775) 336-3017 /
  • Gary Aldax
    Director of Outreach Operations, Community Health Alliance
    (775) 870-4322 /

School of Community Health Sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno

The University of Nevada, Reno, School of Community Health Sciences (public health) was created through an initiative of faculty in the former Department of Health Ecology, which offered a popular undergraduate degree. Since the MPH was first offered in 2000, the program has had over 70 graduates, who have gone on to positions at universities, hospitals, state and county health departments, and into Ph.D. programs and medical school.

The current school was established by the Board of Regents on September 1, 2004, with a long-range development plan calling for substantial growth in the numbers of faculty and graduate students, MPH programs in each of the core areas of public health, doctoral degrees in selected areas, and engagement in cutting-edge research and community service. In June 2011, the MPH programs were accredited by CEPH, as our most recent milestone.

Participating Healthy Community Map Project Staff:

  • Wei Yang, MD, PhD
    Director, Nevada Center for Health Statistics and Informatics
    (775) 682-7094 /
  • Rohit Patil, MS
    Project Manager, GIS Research, Department of Geography
    (775) 682-7839 /
  • Fannie Zhang, MS
    (775) 784-1699 /

Nevada Office of Rural Health at the University of Nevada School of Medicine

The University of Nevada School of Medicine, a research-intensive, community-based, statewide medical school, has served Nevada for more than 40 years as its only public medical school. The School’s mission is to the health of Nevada’s diverse population through world-class biomedical research, an innovative curriculum integrating basic and clinical sciences, and highly competitive residency and fellowship programs that complement a statewide network of urban and rural clinical facilities. Through targeted growth and investment in research, clinical services and education, UNSOM is a resource for improving health care regionally and across the country.

The Nevada Office of Rural Health was created by the state legislature in 1977 with a mission to assist rural communities. The Office provides a broad array of technical assistance activities across all 17 counties in Nevada, including assistance with local health systems development and community health needs assessments. Annually, the program works with over 50 communities on a wide range of issues that include health professions education and training, community outreach, hospital and health system performance improvement, emergency medical services, telehealth/telecommunications, rural graduate medical education, physician recruitment and retention, health policy research and analysis, and health workforce development.

Participating Healthy Community Map Project Staff:

  • John Packham, PhD
    Director of Health Policy Research, University of Nevada School of Medicine
    (775) 784-1235 /
  • Tabor Griswold, MS
    Health Services Research Analyst, University of Nevada School of Medicine
    (775) 682-8475 /


Northern Nevada Community Health Needs Assessment Report (2013) PDF